Author: michaelgoodin

Day Twenty-Eight

Pretty fun and productive day. I found a website that has a ton of JavaScript exercises to practice with. I have been working my way through the “very easy” problems. Occasionally, I will venture over to the “easy” category. The math ones are very easy to deal with. The problems with arrays and objects are the ones I need to take some time and research to work my way through. Most of the time,. I get them right. Some quicker than others. I like starting out with these exercises. Gets the brain focused. One benefit with the various tasks, though somewhat simple, is the exposure to what it possible with JS. I am learning the various methods of strings, arrays and objects. Expanding the horizons.

Another finds was a site where I can quickly write up a function to test out on my own strings, arrays and objects. I can get a console.log read out without having to go through process of writing the code locally and running it through Chrome. Saves a bit of time. Plus, the files are out in the cloud, so I can work from my desktop and Chromebook and have access to the files.

My run this morning was pretty awesome as well. On the schedule was a medium long run with 10 x 20″ pickups toward the end. Felt good and loose. Zipped through the pickups. First day with the new New Balance Beacons. The are a nice lightweight trainer that are pretty durable.

Tomorrow, I am beginning experimenting with running 13 days out of 14. I want to see how I respond on my Friday long run with doing a short shake out on Thursdays. Sometimes, I feel stale on Fridays and I wonder if it is from not running on Thursdays. The plan is to keep the Thursday runs to a minimal 30 minutes or so. We’ll see.

Day Twenty-Seven

Interesting workout this morning. The plan was to run 6 sets of 2 x 100 meter hills (first rep up at a moderate pace and the second one up at a hard pace) with 200 meters flats at 5K pace. No recovery other than the jogs down the hill and a 200 jog back to the hill. Coach recommended that the range for the grade of the hill to be around 5% to 8%. After the workout, looking at the elevation stats, my rough calculation of the grade on my hill was 10%. No wonder this workout was on the brutal side. On the other hand, after the hard rep up the hill, the 200 meter at 5K was easy. In fact, my pace on those was closer to mile pace. However, I was running those smooth and in control.

I ran about a six mile cool down afterwards. It took about 20 minutes to find the groove again and feel comfortable. Tomorrow, I am sure I will feel pretty beat up.

The most exciting part of the day was getting new running shoes delivered. I got new pairs of New Balance Beacons and Saucony Rides. Love both of those shoes. I like the Beacons for workout and medium long runs. The Rides are great for long runs and recovery days.

Work on JavaScript was hit or miss. I have a few successes (yay!) and a few moments of being lost and clueless. It’s been a long time since I have had to really grind away at something. I’m learning to commit more to paper first. I need to do more on writing out a flow chart and/or mind map of the task.

Day Twenty-Six

I bought myself an Amazon Echo Show for my office desk and it has been a nice little purchase. I like using it to stream Spotify music. The sound is much better than my computer speakers and the streaming is a lot less glitchy than it is on the computer. I did get a little precious yesterday and ordered a Starbucks from the Echo. That took longer than ordering on mobile app. However, the tech geek in my liked the thrill. I might get on for my bedroom. I can use it as an alarm clock and to stream music and podcasts when I am doing my pre- and post-run activities.

I am trying the mess with the Spotify listening algorithm by playing a whole bunch of random playlists. I am interested in what Spotify comes up for my Daily Mixes. Since I have been in the habit of listening to ambient music while doing work and at bedtime, there are four Daily Mixes of ambient music. One of the other Daily Mixes is mess of Stones, 60s, Neil Young, Clash and the like. The other mix is mostly alt-Country

Ran my easy Sunday run this morning. Friday’s long run is still hanging around in the my legs, but I did have some pop. Overall, it was an easy cruise once I got warmed up after about 15 minutes. Tomorrow, the coach has a new speed development workout on the schedule. I don’t think there is a formal name to this workout (he likes naming workouts for easy reference). He does have a a few workouts that combine hills and flats, but this one is shorter than the others that have been prescribed in the past. It’s 6 x (2 x 100 meter hills + 200 meters flat) with no rest in between sets. I scoped out a course in a local park. It’s going to be interesting.

I wish I could say that I am progressing well with JavaScript, but it would not be true. The statement would not return as true. My main issue is that I am impatient to get work finished. I get frustrated for not getting it on the first crack and I don’t want to slog through the problem. However, I know it’s the slog where learning takes place. I need to stop worrying about the clock.

Day Twenty-Five

I missed writing something up yesterday evening/this morning. Moving on.

My workout yesterday was a 23 mile long run. I got out early (for me), but the weather turned warmer and humid. The first day with a hint of summer this year. I was starting to run into a dehydration problem at about 19-20 miles. I could have popped into a convenience store to buy some water, but I didn’t want the hassle of putting on a mask and dealing with other people in various states of not social distancing. I was close enough to being done, that I figured I would be fine to finish. I was, but if I had another mile or two to go, it would have been ugly. Lesson is to suck it up and buy water despite the extra hassle.

I decided to do this run without any nutrition. The only thing I had in the morning was some water and a little coffee. No food. Ran a bit of crazy, three pronged out and back. I want to get my body used to running these long runs fasted. I believe I succeeded. I don’t think I bonked. I held a steady pace throughout the run. The dehydration issue led to some serious cardiac drift over the last two miles. That and the mile long hill toward the end of the course really pushed my heart rate up a lot.

I was a bit mentally fried for the rest of the day. Did absolutely no coding work. Which is fine. The time away lets the mind settle and recharge, I think. I had been really pushing the past three weeks, so I could use the break.

Today, easy 5 mile run in the morning. Legs were okay, but tight at the start. Loosened up and felt good by the end of the run.

Spent the rest of the day working on some outstanding Codecademy projects. Happy to say that they are finished. Once I got into the groove, the CSS projects went well. The JavaScript, it’s hit or miss. It’s coming, but not at the pace I would like. It’s a process.

Day Twenty-Four

Missed writing this up last night. Went to bed a bit earlier than usual. I can tell that I am still not at 100% after last weeks immunotherapy treatment. It’s not bad, but just a little fatigued at the margins. Doing a long run this morning, so the early bedtime is a bonus.

Worked my way though the flexbox material in CSS. It’s really interesting stuff and web creation has advanced a long way since the last time I dabbled in it years ago.There are a couple of homework type projects in CSS/HTML in need to finish up today and tomorrow before I push ahead. Then it’s full steam ahead with JavaScript.

Day Twenty-Three

Last week’s medium long run was a turkey. This week’s MLR was an eagle. 13 miles and 6 strides afterward. Ran at a good clip within the appropriate heart rate ranges. Extended one of my routes a little south of where I usually turn around, so I did a bit of exploring new running territory. The weather match the run. Almost near perfect. Sunny, mild and very little wind.

I didn’t do any coding work today. Just needed a mental break. I had a few errands to run this afternoon with my younger daughter. I find out so much from her on our Wednesday expeditions. She gets very chatty after a round of PT.

Day Twenty-Two

I was on the struggle the bus today. I am wrestling with getting JavaScript under control. I feel like I am caught in a horrible loop where I think I understanding something and then the next day it is gone. On the other hand, I know I missed something and I have pretty decent idea of what I am look for. I guess it’s good that I recognize breadcrumbs for what they are and not overlook them. Practice, practice, practice.

I did something I have not done in a long time. I took a nap this afternoon. I could not keep my eyes open while working on the computer. I had more focused afterward. Might be a lesson there.

My morning run when well. It was a recovery run and I don’t really care too much about my pace for these runs, but I ran a pace that was almost blistering (well, for a recovery run). I ran well within the right heart rate zone for an easy run, so I think I my fitness is improving. We’ll see how this fitness translates to the 5K virtual races this summer.

Day Twenty-One

Official first day of summer/fall training cycle for the Rehoboth Beach Half Marathon on December 5. I’m naming this training cycle “Breaking 20/90”. My goal is to race a 5K under 20:00 and the half marathon under 1:30:00.

I’ve been chasing 20:00 for the better part of two years. My times for most of my 5K races in 2018 and 2019 were 20:1x. Now that I am back in good health, running as well as I have in 20 years, I am ready to take down 20:00.

My running coach’s company is organizing a virtual 5K race series for all their training groups. Three 5Ks, one each for the months of May, June, and July. The first 5K is to be run anytime during the last full week of May. I’m gearing my training around popping a big time for the last 5K at the end of July. The May and June races will be good for benchmarking and getting my legs back into race condition. The best training for a 5K is a 5K!

Today’s workout went really well. It was the 3′-2′-1′ Fartlek. Run 3:00 at marathon pace, easy running for 3:00, run 2:00 at half marathon pace, easy running for 2:00, run 1:00 at 10K pace, and easy running for 1:00. Repeat for a total of four sets. My times for the first set were on the sluggish side of those paces, but I locked into the paces for the second set and progressed down. For the last set, I was running 10K, 5K, and 1 mile pace. My coach wanted progression within each set and progression through the sets. The rest of week is straight forward with strides on Wednesday and an easy paced long run on Friday.

For my coding work, I focused on CSS today. I decided to give myself a break on JavaScript. Tomorrow, I plan to go back and review the last two sections on JavaScript and re-work my way through the activities. Step back to go forward.

I started to code a new home page for my website. I found a cool background image of a brick wall with subtle faded paint. It has Pittsburgh vibe to it. I used a font from Google font repository for my name. I have some ideas to use a couple of transparent color (well, various shades of gray) blocks across the front of the brick wall. I’ll have to go back through the CSS materials to get that idea into code. I know it’s doable and have a vague idea of how to do it. CSS is all about the box model. With JavaScript, I can randomize the placing of the blocks. I’ll have to work on some portfolio projects so I’ll have some content for the site.

Day Twenty

A frustrating day. I spent the better part of the afternoon working on a JavaScript exercise in Codecademy. It was combining Objects, getting, setting, assigning, etc. I watched the video and still got it wrong. I’ll go back to it tomorrow or Tuesday and start fresh.

I had a really zippy easy run this morning. On my easy runs, I try to keep my heart rate in the recovery zone. I give myself a little leeway on the hills. I was running at pretty good clip for being at the top end of the recovery zone. Legs felt fresh afterwards. There is the 3-2-1 Fartlek on the schedule for tomorrow. It’s one of my favorite workouts, so I expect it to go well with the legs feeling great after a bit of reduced long run this week.

I figured out my WordPress quandary. I can migrate WordPress to a subdomain and then create a HTML/CSS based home page for the main domain. I’ll have the best of both worlds. I don’t have to mess with WordPress and keep it around to learn. I can do what I want to do for the landing page of my personal website without a bunch of hassle and aggravation. That’s the plan for this week.

Day Nineteen

One of those days where things got done and I did a lot of spinning wheels. I made some more headway on my web development course work. CSS is going well. JavaScript makes me dizzy at times. It’s the structure that drive me nuts.

I really wanted to get the front page of this site looking a bit tidier. I have a background image I want to use on the front page, but WordPress is killing me. I could easily get it done just writing it up in HTML/CSS in 30 minutes, but I have WordPress already installed. Also, I want to learn WordPress, so it will be more motivation to get my arms around WP. I’ll figure it out, but I wanted to get it done quickly instead spending time doing research.

Good 5 mile run in the cold and a snow squall. Yes, it is May 9th, but that’s how 2020 had been going.