Day Nineteen

One of those days where things got done and I did a lot of spinning wheels. I made some more headway on my web development course work. CSS is going well. JavaScript makes me dizzy at times. It’s the structure that drive me nuts.

I really wanted to get the front page of this site looking a bit tidier. I have a background image I want to use on the front page, but WordPress is killing me. I could easily get it done just writing it up in HTML/CSS in 30 minutes, but I have WordPress already installed. Also, I want to learn WordPress, so it will be more motivation to get my arms around WP. I’ll figure it out, but I wanted to get it done quickly instead spending time doing research.

Good 5 mile run in the cold and a snow squall. Yes, it is May 9th, but that’s how 2020 had been going.

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