Day Twenty-Five

I missed writing something up yesterday evening/this morning. Moving on.

My workout yesterday was a 23 mile long run. I got out early (for me), but the weather turned warmer and humid. The first day with a hint of summer this year. I was starting to run into a dehydration problem at about 19-20 miles. I could have popped into a convenience store to buy some water, but I didn’t want the hassle of putting on a mask and dealing with other people in various states of not social distancing. I was close enough to being done, that I figured I would be fine to finish. I was, but if I had another mile or two to go, it would have been ugly. Lesson is to suck it up and buy water despite the extra hassle.

I decided to do this run without any nutrition. The only thing I had in the morning was some water and a little coffee. No food. Ran a bit of crazy, three pronged out and back. I want to get my body used to running these long runs fasted. I believe I succeeded. I don’t think I bonked. I held a steady pace throughout the run. The dehydration issue led to some serious cardiac drift over the last two miles. That and the mile long hill toward the end of the course really pushed my heart rate up a lot.

I was a bit mentally fried for the rest of the day. Did absolutely no coding work. Which is fine. The time away lets the mind settle and recharge, I think. I had been really pushing the past three weeks, so I could use the break.

Today, easy 5 mile run in the morning. Legs were okay, but tight at the start. Loosened up and felt good by the end of the run.

Spent the rest of the day working on some outstanding Codecademy projects. Happy to say that they are finished. Once I got into the groove, the CSS projects went well. The JavaScript, it’s hit or miss. It’s coming, but not at the pace I would like. It’s a process.

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