Day Twenty-Six

I bought myself an Amazon Echo Show for my office desk and it has been a nice little purchase. I like using it to stream Spotify music. The sound is much better than my computer speakers and the streaming is a lot less glitchy than it is on the computer. I did get a little precious yesterday and ordered a Starbucks from the Echo. That took longer than ordering on mobile app. However, the tech geek in my liked the thrill. I might get on for my bedroom. I can use it as an alarm clock and to stream music and podcasts when I am doing my pre- and post-run activities.

I am trying the mess with the Spotify listening algorithm by playing a whole bunch of random playlists. I am interested in what Spotify comes up for my Daily Mixes. Since I have been in the habit of listening to ambient music while doing work and at bedtime, there are four Daily Mixes of ambient music. One of the other Daily Mixes is mess of Stones, 60s, Neil Young, Clash and the like. The other mix is mostly alt-Country

Ran my easy Sunday run this morning. Friday’s long run is still hanging around in the my legs, but I did have some pop. Overall, it was an easy cruise once I got warmed up after about 15 minutes. Tomorrow, the coach has a new speed development workout on the schedule. I don’t think there is a formal name to this workout (he likes naming workouts for easy reference). He does have a a few workouts that combine hills and flats, but this one is shorter than the others that have been prescribed in the past. It’s 6 x (2 x 100 meter hills + 200 meters flat) with no rest in between sets. I scoped out a course in a local park. It’s going to be interesting.

I wish I could say that I am progressing well with JavaScript, but it would not be true. The statement would not return as true. My main issue is that I am impatient to get work finished. I get frustrated for not getting it on the first crack and I don’t want to slog through the problem. However, I know it’s the slog where learning takes place. I need to stop worrying about the clock.

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