Day Twenty-Eight

Pretty fun and productive day. I found a website that has a ton of JavaScript exercises to practice with. I have been working my way through the “very easy” problems. Occasionally, I will venture over to the “easy” category. The math ones are very easy to deal with. The problems with arrays and objects are the ones I need to take some time and research to work my way through. Most of the time,. I get them right. Some quicker than others. I like starting out with these exercises. Gets the brain focused. One benefit with the various tasks, though somewhat simple, is the exposure to what it possible with JS. I am learning the various methods of strings, arrays and objects. Expanding the horizons.

Another finds was a site where I can quickly write up a function to test out on my own strings, arrays and objects. I can get a console.log read out without having to go through process of writing the code locally and running it through Chrome. Saves a bit of time. Plus, the files are out in the cloud, so I can work from my desktop and Chromebook and have access to the files.

My run this morning was pretty awesome as well. On the schedule was a medium long run with 10 x 20″ pickups toward the end. Felt good and loose. Zipped through the pickups. First day with the new New Balance Beacons. The are a nice lightweight trainer that are pretty durable.

Tomorrow, I am beginning experimenting with running 13 days out of 14. I want to see how I respond on my Friday long run with doing a short shake out on Thursdays. Sometimes, I feel stale on Fridays and I wonder if it is from not running on Thursdays. The plan is to keep the Thursday runs to a minimal 30 minutes or so. We’ll see.

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