Trust the Process

Day Eighteen

I forgot to do a write up last night. I had time and I wasn’t too wiped out like the past couple of days. I will catch up this evening.

Had a really good long run yesterday morning. Made the executive decision to swap next week’s down week with this week and readjust the schedule going forward. I do think the immunotherapy treatment on Monday knocked me off my game a bit, hence the need to change on the fly. Instead of the planned 22 miles, I ran 18 miles. The legs were fresh and I banged out the 18 miles without difficulty. I probably could have managed a few more miles, but stuck with the plan. I’ll be ready to crank out some quality miles in the next couple of weeks.

Coach is starting a new training block next week. I have not decided on a longer term race goal for the end of the season. I’m leaning toward the Rehoboth Beach Half Marathon in early December. It’s hard to mentally commit to a race when you don’t know if racing will be possible in 6-7 months. I’m not optimistic about how things will go in the US for the next 12 months.

In the more intermediate period, I’m going with the speed development track. I don’t expect there to be any local races this summer, but I want to bang out a top effort 5K in late July or early August. If there isn’t race, a 5K is something I can do as a solo time trial.

Progressed a bit more with JavaScript. Worked on literal objects. The course is getting more challenging, which is expected and good. It’s just the syntax is getting to me. Repetition will go a long way of getting it down. I understand it conceptually, it’s just a matter of getting the format right.

Day Seventeen

Another evening where tiredness caught up with me. Definitely the immunotherapy on Monday. It was a day off from running, so nothing to write about for that. Legs did feel a bit beat up. A couple of walks with the dog and cutting the lawn seemed to loosen them up a bit.

Spent the better part of the day continuing on my learning to code journey. The JavaScript course is getting into the hard part. Loops and iterations. It’s not hard conceptually, I can rough out on paper what I want to do. It’s a matter of translating that into JavaScript speak. That’s where more practice comes in.

Okay, long run on the schedule this morning. I’ll probably cut it back from 22 to 17 miles and call this a drop down week. Next week is scheduled to be the drop down week, but I just swap out the two weeks and roll with a new up/down week cycle from there. There are not races on the schedule for the next couple of months, so timing up/down weeks with race plans isn’t a problem. Also, the coach’s new training cycle starts next week, so swapping the weeks probably will sync up with the training group. It will be nice being back with the group. I’ve miss them.

More this evening.

Day Sixteen

Someday I will get around to updating the home page of this site. I have a couple of ideas, but nothing really concrete. Something to think about over the weekend.

I had a horrible run this morning. The first time in a long time where I felt like dog poop on a run. I cut about three miles off my medium long run. Unless something else comes to mind, I’m going to blame the immunotherapy infusion on Monday. Fatigue is a side effect. After the two previous infusions, I seemed to deal with them fine. The first one occurred while I was beginning to increase my base mileage, so I was running about half the miles I am now. I just may not have really noticed the fatigue. The second infusion was at the beginning of a drop week, so I was running reduced mileage. I remember being a bit gassed that week, but I chalked it up to adjusting to the higher mileage of the previous two weeks. We’ll see how Friday goes. I’m mentally preparing myself to dropping the long run mileage and calling this a drop down week and just swap out with with next week scheduled drop.

Worked through some JavaScript and CSS lessons. I stick at loops. I’ll have to do a bit of work on those. I get them intellectually, but I get lost in the translation.

Lastly, there some folks in grocery stores being complete a**holes.

Day Fifteen

I was kind of wiped out last night and headed to bed a bit earlier than usual. So this is a make up for yesterday. Nothing out of the ordinary. I think the tiredness was a product of Monday’s immunotherapy treatment.

Ran an easy recovery run in the morning. Nothing too exciting. Just putting in the work. The legs felt fine after Monday’s mile repeats.

I will say that for May, the weather has been more March like the past couple of days. Gray, rainy and bit on the chilly side. I think there is a change of snow flurries the next couple of days. Not cool.

Solid day on the learning to code front. Worked some CSS and JavaScript lessons. Color and blocks. Arrays. Basic stuff, but more involved and detailed than you’d think.

Day Fourteen

Up and at ’em before the sun came up this morning. Ran 5 x 1 Mile repeats. The goal for the workout was to progress from marathon pace to a not quite 5K pace. The first rep was 20″ off marathon pace, but the next miles did progress from marathon pace, to half marathon pace, 10K pace and almost 5K pace. Very happy with the effort, especially for getting up earlier than usual to get the run done.

The reason I was up early was I had a morning appointment with my oncologist and then sit for an infusion for immunotherapy. The infusion from beginning to end takes about four hours. The process starts off with a dose of Benadryl, so I usually take a nice nap while listening to mediation music. The overall process for immunotherapy is to have an infusion every other month for two years. All this after six months of chemo. It’s a bit of pain to sit for a day, but much more tolerable than the side effects of chemo. After the last round of chemo, it took two months before the worst of the fatigue went away. I started feeling normal energy within the past month or so. That’s five months after the last dose of chemo.

After the infusion, I was little bit fuzzied brain, so I didn’t have much ability to focused on coding work. I did a little of the course work through CSS. We’ll see how much I remember tomorrow.

Day Thirteen

Much more with it mentally today than yesterday. Much zippier on the run today as well over the same course as yesterday. The easy pace was easier today. Definitely did not feel like a slog. Booked 65 miles for the week and I do not feel like toast.

I accomplished coding a web page with both HTML and CSS. It was a static page for a Codecademy exercise. They gave a mock up of what the web page should look like and the assignment was to create that page. It wasn’t too challenging, but I had a couple of sticking points that I manage to resolve (thank you Google). The main hang up I ran into was loading a background image through the CSS file. I wrote the code to find the image in a file relative to the index.html. Thanks to Google, I found that I needed to write the code to find the image file relative to the stylesheet. After that, it was smooth sailing. Here is the link to the page.

Additionally, I worked through a series of JavaScript exercises. I had to write around 15 functions and get them to work. The exercise was good practice to writing functions without a guidance. I made some typos in a few activities that drove me nuts. I knew the code was correct and I could not figure out why the functions would not work. Hunting for typos is one of my least favorite things to do, but this is teaching me to be more careful with the keyboard.

Almost done with the old timey baseball player tribute page. I added a table with his career statistics. Twelve years worth of data in table form. Tedious. I think I have the background looking like I want. I might change my mind tomorrow. I just need to clean up some of the written content and create a footer with source information and I should be good to go.

Day Twelve

I wanted to update my social media profile photos. The last time I updated my Facebook photo was last summer and I was looking pretty ragged. We were in an ice cream shop in Virgina Beach. I was hot and exhausted from the heat and chemo. My other social media photos were from a time faraway.

Another skill I want to improve is my selfie game. I take horrible selfies. Too self-conscious. My daughters can fire-off selfies at will. They don’t care. Here I am, out walking the dog, sitting on a bench at the local elementary school, and looking toward the sun. I can tell that I am squinting a bit. My forehead is a bit furrowed. Otherwise, a decent self-portrait. I am sporting my quarantine buzz cut.

Today, I am suffering through a case of being mentally fried. I’ve been pushing the coding working pretty hard this week and ran 22 miles yesterday. Definitely a good reason to be a bit cooked. I ran an easy recovery run this morning. The legs felt fine, the brain didn’t.

I did get in a little bit of coding in by working on some more HTML and CSS lessons. I was just messing around a bit on my tribute page to an old timey baseball player from my hometown. I want to get that wrapped up soon. There are couple of other web projects I want to pursue (like the main page to this website!), but I want to finish the one I am working on before moving on.

Day Eleven

Giddy Up

Long run Friday. Alternating clouds, light drizzle and peaks of sunshine. Although it’s now May, the temps were on the cool side. Lots of people walking and run on the park biking/running trail. Most of the walkers were wearing face masks.

The photo above has a composition no-no. A horse got cut in half. It’s hard to the see the phone screen with the glare of the sun and I had to raise the phone over the top of a 7′ fence.

The run went well. The last 15 miles were over the same course I ran last week. That meant that I had a pretty grueling elevation gain over the last 7 miles on the way back home. Also, there was the 200′ climb over 1K about 1.5 miles from the end of the run. The hills can be tough, but they are beneficial to train on over time.

The run left me a bit too mentally gassed to focused on code work. Tomorrow and Sunday I will blast through some code work. Monday is going to be a lost day to do any work.

Day Ten

It was one of those days where I feel like I didn’t get anything done, but I accomplished a lot. I struggled my way through a couple of JavaScript exercises. I was getting cross-eyed in the process. Took the dog for a walk and settled back in. I managed to figure out a couple of snags, so I think that is progress. One lesson, always check spelling and case. I’ve been doing this long enough to be vigilant about stray (, {, and ]. Checked out a couple of other coding resources and podcasts. Very encouraging.

Off day from running. Thursday are a recharging day. It always seems weird to have time in the morning to do other things than run. Anyway, tomorrow is long run Friday. I finish somewhere around 20-22 miles. I have an appointment in the morning for bi-monthly blood work. Hopefully, I will be in and out of the center in 10 minutes.

Day Nine

I was going to get kind of fancy and add a table to this post to show off a bit of what I learned today. However, I’m getting tired and I forgot what I was going to put in the table. Also, I need to do the dishes and walk the dog. Time is short.

I had a decent run today. The weather was sunny, the temperture was creeping up to around 70F and the humidity was kicking in. On the schedule was my medium long run with some economy work of 4 x 2:00 builds. The idea was to start at 5K pace and build speed every 30 seconds, so that by the last 30 second build, I’m getting close to mile pace. Then there was 4:00 recovery in between builds. Plus, this workout is done toward the end of the run, so the legs are fatigued. Learning to run fast on tired legs. I managed to hang on through the workout. There was one iffy 30 second section in the 3rd rep, but that’s bound to happen. 14 miles total for the day. I’m at 32 for the week and looking foward to the day off tomorrow. I might spend some time with the foam roller.

Decided to mix up the code learning today. I hit a bit of the big three web languages — HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I learned how to make tables in HTML. That gave me an idea for the tribute page of an old timey baseball player I am working on. I can incorporate is batting stats on the page using a table. I figured the distinction in styling by tag, attribute, and ID. D’uh. In JavaScript, I made a rudimentary Magic 8 Ball script. I am going to flesh that out some more and make web page for it. Sounds like a good day.